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C H A P T E R 1
Since 1979

"Traditional photo" He had just give it a name for the oldies style of photography during the early time (he just turn 6). "TRADphoto" what they need are only to get the faces in frame, weather the photos get perfect angle or not, if it is underexpose or over, they just want the face to be recorded and appear clearly on the result photo later. In that age He always confuse about how the camera being used as a perfect tools. Simple style but the most important thing is older people (even nowadays) will never care about your framing or any technical aspect, what they only want is their face can be seen directly and clearly on the photo. During those old time, I really hate to see the camera sensor, so I rarely get pictured. :)

C H A P T E R 2
Early 1980 stories

I never get and I never ask, about one of my favorite black and white photo of my father, hanging on the wall since I started looking for something interesting around. It is a simple portraiture, but really great art and gorgeous sharpness. It started influence me to look at a good photo. In my mind i thought that "STUDphoto" will always a great portrait.

C H A P T E R 3
The Influence

There is a Freelance Photographer that time in my hometown and he lives near  my house. In the early 1990s, he had record  the new church, and turn it into   a Christmas Card. Sent for my family, I was amazed by the sharpness of the photo. The angle was so nice, it makes me think twice, how he made the shot?? My sister answer me, because MR. ROBERTSON have a good camera. A lots of his photo being used in the school magazine. Sharpness, that is the killer for black and white photo.

C H A P T E R 4
The camera

I never know any camera brand until my father bring me and my brother to the oldest photo studio to take a "passport size photo". What I saw was "KODAK".
Since then we always do the Kodak trick, buy film Kodak, buy Camera Kodak, everything when you said photo thats related to the answer "KODAK". Until now I prefer Kodak, but that is the printing studio using KODAK paper, and not about the camera and the photographer behind the lenses. 

C H A P T E R 5
1st Shoot
I can't remember the first camera I used to shoot. What I can remember is we start playing around with camera using my sister's camera and we call it "camera katik-katik". Until now I still can imagine how the camera actually working with a small size film. After that time, those earlier time people had upgrade their resources for advance and expert camera. And the next camera I saw was my aunt film SLR. Its big heavy and we are not encourage to play with it perhaps she don't want the camera to be fall with me I guess. I try to look into the viewfinder and wonder there was a circle with pie chart and that is what I can memorize to be written about the first time i look into it. 
My elder sister had bring out another new idea about "polaroid camera" it will be the best camera she claimed to us. We just saw it in the English movie, so no wonder no one i saw using it around my hometown then.

C H A P T E R 6
The Journey

I can't remember my sister's camera brand, maybe it is Konica. I had used it several times after that. The problem is we don't have enough money to pay for the printing charges afterward. So we only take pictures for any important occasion held around the family. Mom ought us to be wise not to waste money for a poor photo. When one day mom going to buy a SAMSUNG camera for my brother, I am also very happy, because I know it will be ours. Shooting with film cameras was really awesome. Sharpness was my trust on every great photo.  We shoot and shoot, in black and white film, we shoot everything. The trust about photo had pause for a moment, I go for study and cannot bring the camera as my brother also using it here at home.

C H A P T E R 7
The Digital Era 1996

When I started using the digital tools everything seems so great! 
1996 I had started to do digital imaging, something missing but I don't know what is it. Digital camera had been widely use. Small, Simple, Pocket size, No film anymore and affordable price, they had cover my trust about sharpness and blown the ideas about digital photo editing on computer. People talk about "photoshop" and I test it. More and more digital era had erase my dream about photography, my brother's Samsung also had knock down several times. The sensor was dusty and really need to be serviced. Hence Our photo project had pause again. Until a SONY digital compact camera bought by my sister. We will borrow from her for any shooting project we do at home. Any big occasion we will do with that Sony to work and capture photo.

C H A P T E R 8
During the study

I had study about the Marine. We met a lot of people around, and during one of the outdoor trip, I've learn about the ROL from our photography technician . Capturing early morning "Ray Of Light" using a film SLR. I never thought that this technic will bring me into great photography. Recording landscapes had bring me through the earlier time of shooting with film SLR. But at that time I never have the time to spent on this area of professional photography because of the money spent for the camera itself were ridiculous to ask from my mom and get it all without a slap on the face. So I did not take photography seriously, I just do it for a fun knowledge and hobby only. After finish study, after the year 2000, after the new Milennium, I try to catch up some more latest data and info about camera, well the responses I get was negative. Internet signal being very slow flowing and everyone going crazy about new things in town. Cars, bikers and so on, so many things flying around me though. Until I saw my few friends bought a Digital SLR, maybe it is a perfect time for me to push back the "pause button" and continue play the song?? Huhh.. my cousin bought a Nikon, a good camera I guess even though "PENTAX" camera is always in my head since the old time!!!  

C H A P T E R 9
Forever beginner

Years gone and by, but the knowledge still remain in me, I don't mind if I just be known by people as a beginner but it is all right. I will always get the best from the camera as what I can show to help the world in what ever ways. Maybe environment development or peoples mind on future green days. There was some limitation in this photography area which this limit will be my challenge to be better. So if I am always a beginner, I will always say to my self I will learn something every time. Reading, listening, speaking, doing everything to get the useful knowledge. So never mind if I am always a "BEGINNER". I promise to give the best in photography. As I am always learn from you all out there soon. 

Happy with what you do...just do it guys!!   

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