Tuesday, December 28, 2010


S T O R Y continue after "The Twenty Third Eleven"... Then the "FULLMOON" party comes!!
For those who had the experience about newborn baby this is usually and obviously normal for being a new mom and dad absolutely 1 month old. It was the hardest time even there are another so many months and years after this but still 30 days after birth I still can say it was the hardest time for us.

Spending almost 24-7 to watch and care and listen only for your newborn baby. Stress and tension, laugh and tears so many feeling mix up, for the most important month after the birth. What about the baby cries?? Feeding time every 2 hours?? Burp problem?? Gas?? Pee and poo???

Well, it was still the best of the best most challenging moment in between the 30 days where sometimes we almost loose to lost and find it the moment of bad, but God will never let us down, pray is the answer and people know when and what we need for their help.

Thanks to all our family members, relatives, friends and whoever been with us even if only with your prayers for us. Thanks alot guys...God bless us all!!

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