Friday, March 4, 2011

P H O T O L O G I S T ??

Are you a "photologist" ?

I won't claim myself as a photographer. Why? Because I am not working as photographer to pay my bills.
May I call what I have done with the photo and work on it, as a photography? No. Again, Why?? Because there are still very long journey to go before I can call them as photography. Unless it is just a photograph I guess.

Photographer for me, divide them into three parts.
1. Amatuerians
2. Professionals
3. Experts

AMATUERians: Those people who shoots with big bucks camera & gears but it is not their core bussiness
PRO : like those professional says, they are those who taking pictures and make money from it to pay the bills every month.
EXPERT: They mostly talk about lights.

*Those who own a camera, taking pictures without purpose, never learn about photography, using auto mode only, they are just a camera owner or hobbyist. Maybe now there were 80% people in this world have a camera. I wonder if camera is a "must have thing" nowadays.

Photologist?? What about it??
Like what I do, working on pictures, images, digital photo, film and so on. Started learn something from the very basics part in this industry. Back to history of photographs, the person incharge and invented it, where they started. Know what happen in those era. That is what photograph should be. Why those old years was the best?? The production from darkroom, magnesium usage, studio portrait old style, lights fire boom, why there is SCIENCE in photography, isn't it just about art?? Art of seeing maybe yes, but to see the results includes all about science. With the new technology gain, photography become modern and touch by digital is awesome for certain people. Until now, we had passed so many things happen in this industry. More people into it, and more people also loose before it.

As what I mention before, a photologist should be calculating how many years he need to get the title photography in his hand. But with more technology we have nowadays, you just put it in your calendar when to create your business if you dare to. Me I am not. I just like to study more about this things. Why? Because I gain knowledge before I own a camera. I don't have the bread to get those big bucks gear to get a better picture in any area. This industry is not just a business, it is a superb knowledge in science of photography as well goes to art of photography indeed.

Well, there should be a balance between these all. The History, the Science, the Art, the Camera, the Operation, the Production, the Business, the Tools, the Software and so many things you will need to learn before you should claim "your photography". Apologize me if I am rude to tell that. It was really wrong for me if you say "your photography" but you never know Ansel Adams. And it is also wrong if you said Nikon is the best but your never know about Kodak.

Its time for me to stop thinking. I will continue later.

Last word, a photologist will never stop to learn and gain something about photography.

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