Thursday, June 23, 2011

L + C + E

“Photography is all about light, composition and, most importantly, emotion. “- Larry Wilder

It was a long holiday and it makes me a little bit lazy to put something to share. Recently, I saw a friend put something on Twitter that attract my idea so deep. the words was very simple but it really amazed me. I love to put them this way "light + composition + emotion". Three words that really help me a lot in my journey as a photologist (photologist: a study about photo). 

"Photo" which is the scientific name for LIGHT is still my first subject to study, but when we just take light with its bounce and shadow, still there's nothing special we get for a great photograph taken. The things happen should include all those three words light + composition + emotion for a great great picture I guess. Would it be our hearts like what people said before this?

Untill these days, I find that taking picture of people as work are still the most challenging part in this study. So now there are 3 parts light, composition and emotion. Sure about light we can learn those things from the sizes, shapes, power, coverage, sync, angle, ambient, fill and everything usage of it and also their effect cum impact.

About composition, well for me it looks like writing a story. Our story must have an opening, mid section and conclusion, remember that this thing is a must in every story. We will not call it a story until complete all three section perfectly. To give the main idea, one should have a creative mind. Since there was so many people have a camera, the story also going narrow. To be creative was very simple just mix and gamble the story you are going to tell, Old storybook was very well written but nowadays well written story was too obvious already, people need something different story from the obvious one. Jumble up the idea to attract eyes of the viewer. Make the composition beautiful to make the viewer jaws down! Put the closure in the beginning so attention will more towards looking forward for the emotion.

Emotions will only best with human. And lights will always took part as creating the mood effect. Simple ways to understood the flow. When we add picture as photograph, the light must creating the mood effect so viewer can feel the emotion but without a creative composition, if it just as usual style, viewer will only last for a minutes and the the feel will disappeared.

Light + Composition + Emotion    Huhh!! Will  learn more than what I think!!


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