Friday, January 14, 2011


It was bad if the picture taken overexpose, but don't be afraid because we still can save them by a little "edit".. not only by using a software but using our sense to make the picture different look even though it is "overEx" but we viewer still can accept its purpose!!

Same as everything went through and passes our lives everyday. Our journey of life, I've met and saw and read also heard about friends and people which in my opinion they were overEx too. Some were great and some were bad as well. Few of them act arrogant and speak like they were really good but actually a crap. Some of them overEx wisely and it pays them back.

I am sure there are a lots of things out there that we do not need to overEx them. Like when you are good on something, let say you are really good on photography business, then you should open a photography business and go overEx about your your new company. Gain some bucks go for it. And that is the great things about overEx.

But, doing overEx about photography actually just a crap if your words are only overEx your tools and gear. Many great and even master of photography had told us that it is all about the person behind the camera. So overEx your tools are just a crappy things you had done.

What about overEx your good picture?? Saying that it was a great photo?? Different people have a different head so always remember that guys. Maybe some said the picture was the best but some just look at it and say "yuckkkkks".

For me, "overEx pictures" are different with "overEx your pictures" and "overEx your tools"... it would be better to overEx your bussiness I guess...And do some edit if the overEx were to much!!!

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