Saturday, January 8, 2011


Before the moon sails, is it a must to have a profile image where you must hold a camera to mention that you are photographer??

The answer is strictly no!... For me it was funny, but in the end it was "yucks"....Now I really started to hate those image holding a camera. Never show the camera. I take it as you are showing off your tools. Pretty cool stuff but sorry it is only a crappy image.

How you can give the viewer a good impression about photography?? These days people treat photographer just like a "junk food". So many people around with their own expensive big ass camera but they are not photographer. So what are they??? Some people call them "Uncle Bob"...

I call them artist. If they know the real photography, it is about art. If they don't, well I have to call them "Uncle Bob"... because they don't even know the rules, but they do carry the big guns around. They take picture for free  and enjoy doing it.

I'm sorry for being rude. I don't take picture for free guys. I support the photographer Quality rather than his screaming tools. I prefer stay silence rather than showing off around people.

To be the best, I hope people judge from the greatest performance and highest quality results.
And it is all about 'ART'......

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